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I fucking love my friends

[1:28:24 AM] Chrysalis Jade: <——-laughing so fucking hard
[1:29:07 AM] deganveran: ?
[1:29:15 AM] Chrysalis Jade:
[1:29:22 AM] Chrysalis Jade: 0-10, how would you rate her?
[1:33:28 AM] deganveran: 5 being average, 4
[1:33:35 AM] Chrysalis Jade: LMFAO
[1:33:38 AM] Chrysalis Jade: EXACTLY!!!!!
[1:33:46 AM] Chrysalis Jade: SHES A WHORE TOO
[1:34:00 AM] Chrysalis Jade: AND HIS COUSIN IS DATING HER!!!!
[1:34:21 AM] Chrysalis Jade: That he has listed as his brother on facebook! THey’re best friends!!!
[1:34:36 AM] Chrysalis Jade: How the hell can Andrew date her knowing that Evin fucked her like 3 weeks ago!? LMFAO
[1:34:49 AM] Chrysalis Jade: AND that shes a whore AND that shes pregnant!? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
[1:34:59 AM] Chrysalis Jade: LMFAO
[1:35:27 AM] deganveran: Lovely

Desperate much?

so yeah, my ex’s cousin just told me that my ex knocked someone up…

Vastilla: I hate pussies. But this guy is crying over a girl he hasn’t spoken to in 4 years…, get the fuck over it
Auriaka: Yareminds me of you over evin seriously. Get over it
Vastilla: lol it hasn’t been 4 years. And you don’t know whats been going on so shush
Vastilla: I’ll love Evin forever. It will take me time
Auriaka: Well your out of time he knocked up some little ninety five pound emo hooch that is o m g

… seriously wtf. I text my ex ”gratz” and he says “Shes not you so…plus she showed me proof. Have fun fucking guys that cry.” I said dude we’re friends online. He said “Yeah and so were we, and look what happened” and I texted saying “Yeah but I knew you for 5 years. Have fun being a dad. Just makes sure you get a DNA test. Where does this leave you and me?”

Got no answer….God idk wtf to think anymore…..I’m sick of being hurt like this. He was telling me that maybe we can try for a baby when he gets here, then he goes and has sex with someone WITHOUT a condom? I mean I knew he was having sex but is he crazy?? Some chick he doesn’t even know? He might have an STD!! And he wanted to have a baby with some random girl? Hes THAT desperate!?

Yeah well what if its not even his. Sure she might have shown him the pregnancy test but that doesn’t mean its his. And even if it is, what if she decides to take away his rights and not let him see the kid…..its fucking stupid. Plus he’s supposed to move to Arizona for school? How the fuck is THAT gonna work?

Some people make NO fucking sense…..

Do you know why guys who have sex with a lot of girls are celebrated and girls who sleep with a lot of guys are called sluts?
Girls are considered the sexual selectors. Males vie for their attention.
When it comes down to it, unless your famous or wealthy or well known etc, a guy can’t walk into a random bar, go to the first girl he sees and say “We are having sex tonight.” and be right
Women, for the most part, CAN do that.
For a guy to sleep with a lot of girls, that takes skill and courage
For a girl to sleep with a lot of guys, all it takes is not saying no
One shows positive attributes (Skill, bravery, social skills), one shows lack of self control
Justin Arroyo
You don’t like being treated nice
You want to be treated as bad as you feel you should
You don’t think you deserve to be treated good
So you go towards people who will treat you the way you feel: Bad
You even said it yourself, you were rating attractiveness on a website and you picked all the anrgy, dangerous guys out as the hottest
That sound like something someone who wants to be treated well does?
To be honest thats why I was hesitating at dating you in the first place
I would treat you too good, you would get bored and leave
And I wouldn’t be able to treat you bad because thats not me
Your just lonely
And you want to be validated
Which explains why you [go after] so many guys
Your lonely, your low self esteem and your self destructive
And its sad because what happened to you in the past wasn’t your fault. And now its up to you to fix others mistakes
Justin Arroyo

For My Love

To lose you is to never love again
I guess I shall never love
Sometimes I wish I could seek
The elders up above

I can’t seem to understand you
You can’t make up your mind
I thought it was over but
I guess I got left behind

Every person that I know
Tell me to forget you
Alas my heart never forgets
A love that was true

You still make my heart race
Make me stutter like a fool
So why does it amuse you so
To be so amazingly cruel?

Its been years since
I pledged my heart to you
Now how do I claim it back
Before its yours to rule?

Its true what they say
Two wrongs don’t make it right
So why can’t we dismiss the past
And bring the future to the light?

One-sided, one-sided
Is how these feelings seem
Is this really goodbye?
Is this the last we’ve seen?

My heart won’t seem to quit
I can’t stop loving you
Should I shut you off and away
So I can move on too?

I’m not sure how this works
Don’t want to say goodbye
But now I’m telling the truth
Can’t be accused of another lie

Yes I know it will hurt
Yes I know I may cry
But if this is how it’s going to be
Then I guess it is goodbye.

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